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Terms & Conditions of Purchase

  1. All product, material, services and processes supplied or provided to Triplex Industries, Inc. shall be accompanied by an appropriate Certificate of Conformance (C of C), Certificate of Analysis (C of A), Certificate of Test or Certificate of Calibration, etc. The supplier shall be responsible for maintaining and supplying the certification documentation as objective evidence of meeting purchase order and/or drawing /specification requirements. The supplier shall provide an appropriate certificate for each lot (shipment) of product supplied to Triplex Industries, Inc. Failure to provide proper certification may result in payment being withheld until proper certification has been received.
  1. Unless otherwise specified, procedures shall be implemented to ensure that eye examinations, including visual acuity and color vision, as applicable, are administered by a medically qualified / trained person to all individuals performing visual inspection and/or product acceptance activities that require visual acuity.
    • Intervals shall not exceed one year
    • Individuals shall be tested in at least one eye, either corrected or uncorrected
    • Color Perception testing is required only one time. Individuals shall be capable of adequately distinguishing and differentiating colors used in the method for which certification is required, the process being performed or inspection activity. Documentation shall be retained.
    • Records shall be retained for each individual.
Individual performing… Shall be compliant with…
Visual inspection (i.e. calibration, non-weld, in-process, layout, dimensional) Near vision requirements of:
  • Snellen 14/18, (20/25)
  • Jaeger 2 at not less than 12 inches
Visual Inspection on Welds American Welding Society Standard (AWS) D17.1
Nondestructive Testing (NDT) Aerospace Industries Association National Aerospace Standard (AIA/NAS) 410
Note: Vision tests may be substituted for options listed above providing the equivalence is verified and documented by a licensed optometrist
  1. All suppliers that provide product, materials or services shall be responsible for maintaining a quality management system compliant to the applicable quality system requirements defined in Table A.

Suppliers shall be certified/registered and receive routine system evaluations by their registration body or be subject to periodic compliance audits by Triplex Industries, Inc. or Triplex Industries, Inc. approved 3rd party.
Table A:

Supplier Type Certification

Component supplier or outside processor

AS9100 or Triplex approval via approved supplier self-assessment

Special Process supplier

NADCAP or Triplex approval via approved supplier self-assessment

Raw material & process material supplier

ISO9001 &/or AS9100 or Triplex approval via approved supplier self-assessment


ISO9001, AS9100, AS9120 or Triplex approval via approved supplier self-assessment

Laboratory / Test Facility

ISO17025 or Triplex approval via approved supplier self-assessment

Brokers/Traders & Pass-Thru Distributor

ISO9001, AS9100, AS9120 or Triplex approval via approved supplier self-assessment

Suppliers are required to provide evidence of a certificate of registration from an accredited registration body to the standard listed above. Suppliers are required to notify Triplex Industries, Inc. of any changes regarding their quality system registration.

  1. The Supplier shall notify Triplex Industries, Inc. of changes that affect the operational proficiency of a facility, alterations to upper management or organization restructuring, alterations in the business name, location or ownership; processing capabilities, and any other pertinent changes that could hinder the capacity to conduct customary business activities or the quality of products and services. The Supplier shall immediately notify Triplex Industries, Inc. when the status of their required approvals and/or certifications, or the approvals or certifications of their sub-tiers have changed or been revoked.
  2. The Supplier shall have a process in place to flow down Triplex Industries, Inc. requirements to sub-tier suppliers. When applicable, the supplier shall ensure that any Triplex Industries, Inc. requirements that are associated to items that are procured or outsourced in order to meet a Triplex Industries, Inc. purchase order are flowed down to their applicable sub-tier suppliers.
  3. When special processes are outsourced, the supplier shall only utilize Triplex Industries, Inc. approved suppliers.
  4. Part, material, product and service records, purchase orders and amendments are to be maintained for the length of time that the contract is active plus one calendar year. Product related manufacturing and inspection records are required to be maintained for 10 years unless otherwise specified in the contract. Records shall be maintained in an appropriate environment and shall be available upon request within two business days.
  5. Triplex Industries, Inc., Triplex Industries, Inc. customers and regulatory authorities reserve the right of access to all applicable areas of the facility, at any level of the supply chain involved in the order, and to all applicable records, and to perform audits and/or inspections at the Supplier’s and/or supplier’s subcontractor’s facility, when necessary to determine and verify the quality of the contracted work, records, and product. All supplier material, records, routers, inspection and test facilities shall be subject to review. Suppliers shall provide equipment, facility and necessary personnel for all on-site verifications of contract/purchase order compliance.
  6.  Non-conforming Material:
    • The Supplier shall not send known non-conforming material/product to Triplex Industries, Inc. without prior written approval
    • The Supplier shall not use dispositions of “use as is” or “repair” without prior written approval by Triplex Industries, Inc.
    • The Supplier shall provide prompt notification to Triplex Industries, Inc. if non-conforming material/product/service are identified after shipment has taken place
    • When a non-conformance is discovered or the Supplier is notified of a discrepancy by a sub-tier, the Supplier shall take immediate action to determine if the condition exists on any other work in process or in prior shipments
  1. The UTC requirements for FOD prevention are based on the National Aerospace Standard (NAS) 412, Foreign Object Damage/Foreign Object Debris Prevention, which establishes a baseline FOD prevention policy/procedure. NAS 412 supports the quality management system standard, AS/EN/JISQ 9100/9110/9120 which requires suppliers carry out a program for the prevention, detection, and removal of foreign objects from its products.
  2.  The Supplier shall treat all product(s), material(s) and specification(s) received from Triplex Industries as confidential in nature. No Triplex Industries customer material is to be viewed or provided sub-tier suppliers without prior written authorization from Triplex Industries.
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