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Corporate History


Triplex Industries, Inc. is located in Rochester, New York. Its founder, Gerhard Roesner, a Master Toolmaker from Germany, established the business as a tool & die shop in 1966.

Rochester is synonymous with inventive and entrepreneurial spirit. Possessing these qualities and seizing upon opportunities, Gerhard began his shop, building and designing complex progressive stamping dies for the Eastman Kodak Company. By the late 1960's, with the emergence of convenient office copy products from Xerox, Gerhard transitioned from a die shop to a high volume supplier of components and subassemblies. These new challenges required investment in state-of-the-art tooling. Two new turning automatics were added for production in segmented copier rollers. These were followed by two additional purchases of new N/C Lathes in 1974 and 1975. Eventually, production of various roller styles peaked with productions from 400,000 to 800,000 units. Units were shipped to assembly sites in Rochester and around the world.

With ever-changing business conditions, Triplex purchased its first CNC machining center in 1981 to meet customer requirements. By the late 1980's Triplex increased its customer base once again, working with GE Aerospace. Thus began the transition of Triplex as a supplier to the defense and aerospace industry as well as to the commercial sector.

During the mid 1990's, Triplex continued to add new customers in defense and aerospace. The complexity of the components, especially in the aerospace industry, and the use of exotic materials began a production renaissance on the plant floor.

Triplex today has the latest CNC turning and machining centers. We also provide EDM and stress relief capabilities. Our modern facility includes numerous seats of CAD/CAM and an inspection room with the latest Zeiss CMM and Calypso software to support hands free inspection, making it possible to import, machine, and inspect your parts and assemblies from a single CAD model.

At Triplex, Gerhard along with his two sons and team of skilled craftsmen stay ahead of the continually changing technology curve with intelligent capital investment and constant training. This approach, based on sound strategies, research and understanding our customer needs, now and into the future, ensures that our long tradition of delivering excellence will continue.


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